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Running to Fenerive Est after Foulpointe
November 27, 2008, 11:48 am
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I hope that all of you can’t wait to visit our country. As i reported before having fun in Foulpointe is the best thing that you should never miss. After the barbecue and singing all night, it’s better to take a rest to save the energy for the next day. As soon as you wake up, I suggest you to take an energetic breakfast, like to have bacon cheese with a natural juice from Foulpointe.

Now, the famous fruit from this region is in the market and two weeks ago, the exportation of the litchi has started. Litchi is our favorite fruit as i like with litchi you can eat at anytime ,to make a juice with and don’t forget to prepare your own punch with too. Furthermore, we know that the end of the year will come soon, we have only one month and bye 2008. Either way, i propose you our special punch as we did home with litchi. We bought a local rhum, you can find many different qualities in Foulpointe as you like djama, Sambo, Classica… , then what you did is to peel the litchi and add in the rhum and the best one is you should do that if you have the big bottle of whisky like 2 liters one. As long as you tinned it like one third of the bottle is only the litchi that you pilled and the rest of the quantity, you pour the rhum local. The long time you preserved it, the better tast of litchi punch you will like. Or the second one, you can mixed all fruit that you see on the way to Foulpointe from Tamatave, add some slice of banana, coconut, litchi, don’t forget to add our vanilla, cinnamon, mango, persimon…. But sometimes, you don’t have a time to prepare all of that, you can find many different qualites of our punch made by djama factory in the supermarket in Tamatave or you could find at any grocery in Foulpointe, i don’t remember but if i’m not wrong we have punch like litchi, mango, anana, lemon,grenade punch ….Oh! sorry, i only reported you the home made punch. Let’s move to our visit, what’s more, you can rent a bike or motorcycle in Foulpointe or why not a quad, then you can visit Fenerive Est for one day or stay there for a few day, it’s one hour from Foulpointe. Fenerive Est is still in the Est coast of Madagascar, you have to pass through Tamatave then Foulpointe to go there or if you want to do the transfer to Saint Marie Island, you have to pass by to take the boat at Soanierana Ivongo, like all tourists did in August to see very close the whales and you can touch too.

On the way to Fenerive Est, the scenery is wonderful and rich of the different trees like travelers tree “Ravinala”, Palms…., but if you will arrive upon the hill before arriving to Fenerive Est, it’s like the same as the Mauritius coast from the airport to the Palm beach Hotel if you have been in Mauritius. It’s a small town like the others, easy to visit everything is downtown. But the nice place i have noticed there is the one where you find a big dixie which could fit five people inside. By curiosity, I asked one of guy who lived there and he said that the pirates used it to cook human beings like me and you. Then later that they suggested me to visit the lsland “Nosin’akoho” that you could see some of the big dixies and their tombs with their names. It’s a small island less than half acre, you can walk less than one hour, but to get there, if you’re a good swimmer, you can swim or rent a small boat with a small fee .However, you can see many differences of marine fauna, like snakes….

Be countinued

Laurent H )

Fenerive Est( credit :Laurent H )


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Thanks for this great post Moma, I hope Patrick will manage to take the pics you asked. You guyz are seriously going to be THE experts at blogging on tourism FROM Madagascar. Thank you for your passion!

Comment by JoGanY

I’ll try to do my best,but the problem that i don’t have no more time to blogg,sometimes i have to go to Kamoula cyber on Sunday.Don’t worry ,i’ll report the best in our country for our bloggers.
See ya

Comment by momadago

I really wanna try that home made punch

For sure, once I’ll be on vacation, I’ll go to Tamatave

Comment by ariniaina

i’ve ever tried the litchi punch but i’d like to go to Fenerive Est šŸ˜€

Comment by Tahina

mamma mia, this post reminds me how good creamy grilled lobster from this region are … slurp šŸ™‚

Comment by saveoursmile

You’re right,that’s why i invite you to pass by again,don’t forget our special drink too!!!!

Comment by momadago

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